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Managing Director of GMDeco Wind will be chairing a panel looking at ‘Cost Reduction of Decommission

Sometimes it is not financially prudent or logistically practical to extend life or repower wind turbines and so, in these cases, it is vital to have a sound and refined plan for decommissioning.

With an increasing number of farms reaching these critical end of life decisions New Energy Update spoke with Gary McIntyre, Managing Director of GMDeco Wind about this option and the conversations owners need to be having now.

Come to the 10th Annual Onshore Wind O&M EU Conference in Munich on the 13 – 14th February 2018. If you would like to be part of the panel please contact

This includes;

  • An overview of what wind farm decommissioning looks like in practice and the less obvious factors that will need to be addressed when starting to think about the plan for decommissioning.

  • A look at the key challenges that are associated with the decommissioning of wind farms.

  • What steps windfarm owners should be taking now to assess and prepare for the option of decommissioning.

  • The steps that need to be taken by the industry as a whole of the next five years.

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